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Sound Rental Mykonos, dj equipment rental
sound rental mykonos, lighting rental
sound rental mykonos, audio hire
Dj Equipment rental Mykonos, dj services mykonos


Sound Rental Mykonos

Top-Rated Sound Rental Company in Mykonos - High Quality Audio Equipment and Exceptional Customer Service.

A well-planned event is never complete without a cutting-edge sound system. Aslanis Events, a company with years of experience, offers professional sound rental services with various sound equipment rentals for private events or Luxury weddings in Mykonos and Athens.

We employ our technical sound equipment from the top manufacturers globally, like L-Acoustics, JBL, and Electrovoice, to assure the highest quality performance at all times. Additionally, by offering cutting-edge audiovisual services, we install speakers that produce fantastic sound quality and stunning audio reproduction. Similarly, our sound equipment is capable of satisfying even the most demanding clients and requirements.


To choose the best sound rental Mykonos package, one of our sound rental professionals will work directly with you. You can choose from a selection of Pa Systems, Line Array audio systems, and any other sound equipment you need for your event.


We also provide dry hire for audio system rental if you know what you're searching for and are experienced with the sound equipment and event production. In addition, we provide sound system rental delivery services in Mykonos and Athens around the clock.

Contact us, and let your events be the talk of the town!

sound rental mykonos, speakers hire
dj equipment rental mykonos, pioneer 3000

Dj Equipment Rental

Get the best Dj Equipment rental services at Aslanis Events.

Looking for DJ equipment rental ? We offer top-quality rentals for weddings, corporate events and private parties. Choose from a range of Dj equipment to meet your specific needs. 

Our DJ equipment rental service includes the most advanced DJ equipment for your private event, including Pioneer DJ equipment, DJ Mixers, CD players, turntables, DJ controllers, Dj Booths, digital effects, all- in-one players to fit any budget or requirements..


We place a high value on keeping our DJ equipment in perfect working order. Before being delivered, all of our DJ equipment are tested and guaranteed. We provide free delivery, setup, and pick- up services in Athens and Mykonos.

When you choose Aslanis Events for your events, you can be confident that you're getting high- quality DJ equipment rental to help you make your sound stand out.

Contact us for DJ equipment rental, and let's get the party started!

Lighting Rental

Aslanis Events simplifies the event lighting rental process by providing professional, distinctive, affordable options for all sizes of internal and external events.

We offer a large range of party lights rental and special effects, including moving heads, LED uplighting, Astera LED Tubes, LED Bars, string and fairy lights, smoke & sparks machines, laser shows, and other products. We cover your entire event lighting rental requirements.


Event lighting can generate enthusiasm, focus attention, and showcase your event's focal point. We provide a wide variety of party lights rental, from a simple stage wash or spotlight to more complex theatrical lighting, as well as lighting professionals to set up and control the equipment for you.

When it comes to exclusive events and weddings, we love to create the perfect ambiance with our party lights rental services. Whether the event occurs in a Mykonos Villa, Hotel or a larger location, lighting can hugely impact the atmosphere. We know how to create the perfect lighting atmosphere on various venues, modifying the ambiance to meet each occasion.

Bring your event to life with our premium event lighting rental service!

lighting equipment rental, audiovisual
sound rental mykonos, party lights

Wedding Audiovisual Packages

Our wedding audio visual rental services provide everything you need to cover your perfect day.


You will be delighted to know that we offer the best sound rental Mykonos packages and lighting equipment if you don't want to cut corners with your wedding celebration. We go above and beyond to guarantee that we give our clients a memorable audio visual experience.


Instead of just turning up on your wedding day, we would be happy to participate in the planning process and assist you in creating the optimal schedule. We can help you eliminate a lot of the uncertainty in your wedding planning and ensure that the music and lighting are perfect for the theme.

For the ceremony, cocktail and reception, we offer professional sound equipment rentals, Stunning lighting shows and special effects that fits perfectly with your wedding celebration.

To ensure the success of your wedding celebration, consider choosing our premium wedding DJ services. Our team consists of professional Mykonos DJs who are skilled at selecting and playing the perfect soundtracks to enhance the atmosphere of your wedding.

Aslanis Events promise to treat you with professionalism and excellent audiovisual rental services.


So let's team up to make your special day even more special!

Dj Services - Hire wedding dj's

If you are Planning your Wedding or Mykonos Party, Aslanis Events is your answer for professional DJ services.

We at Aslanis Events specialize in wedding DJ services because we know the importance of working with a seasoned pro on your special day and want to make your event memorable for all the right reasons.

Aslanis Events DJs are skilled and well-versed in weddings and private events. Our professional DJs are masters in bringing a distinctive fusion of sounds and musical genres designed to fit an event's mood and your and your guests' tastes.

It goes without saying that wedding planning may be costly. Given this, we aim to help our clients get premium wedding DJ services along with our sound rental mykonos packages without exceeding their budget.

Additionally, we will incorporate your suggestions into the creation of custom playlists for each event.

You can count on our Mykonos DJ services to ensure that the entertainment at your events is never-ending!

mykonos dj, wedding dj Services
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About Us


Spiros Aslanis and John Aslanis established Aslanis Events in 2015, intending to provide top-notch audio visual equipment rental services and opulent productions to Mykonos island and Athens. We offer our services across Greece and on its islands. Our desire for perfection has driven us since the beginning and continues to motivate us daily.


We firmly believe that Mykonos is the perfect location for meetings, conferences, travel for business, international cultural events, and especially destination weddings. With our excellent audio visual rental services and wedding DJ services, we thus aspire to enhance your event-going experience on Mykonos Island and Athens.


We outperform the competition when it comes to sound rental Mykonos management. Our sound system hire and event lighting rentals can assist you in practically any situation that necessitates the expertise of professionals that specialize in this sector. We have a long history of satisfying the requirements of clients from various backgrounds, and we understand how crucial it is for our customers to have their tasks done correctly, on time, and within budget. As a result, Aslanis Events can supply you with the greatest audio visual rental services in Mykonos.


To liven up your Mykonos parties and events, we offer a variety of DJ equipment packages that include, lights, effects, and in addition, our first-rate Mykonos DJ services are available for private events, yacht parties, corporate events, bachelor parties, and tailored weddings in Mykonos.


Our passionate vision is to not only boost your delightful music experience but also to be visually appealing to the eyes with our stunning visual effects to maximize the sense of dancing to the beat with the best Mykonos DJ Services.


It's no surprise that we have become a premier provider of audio visual equipment rental services in Mykonos and Athens, given our excellent staff of creative, technically skilled sound and lighting professionals.


At Aslanis Events You'll get a top-notch and distinctive sound rental Mykonos experience. Our dedication to you is our Professional DJ services.


Special occasions abound in life. So why not make them into life-changing events that will leave you with wonderful memories?

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